5 febbraio 2011

Keplero's digest

Cose trovate in rete nella settimana appena trascorsa:
  • Rangle: Il logaritmo di un verso. "Volevo dire invece che a Marzo esce un libro e si chiama "Giovanni Keplero aveva un gatto nero" ed un titolo così è un titolo di Popinga."
  • Universe Today: Martian Meteorite Reveals Ancient Water Flows, Methane. "Scientists say a close-up look inside rare meteorite fragments from Mars shows evidence that impacts created flowing water near the surface of the Red Planet. At look at five different meteorite samples, including what is thought the be one of the very first Martian meteorite ever found on Earth, shows veins resulting from the impact and serpentine mineralization, which is associated with the production of methane."
  • Not Even Wrong: Is the Multiverse Immoral? "In the last week or so, I’ve run into two critiques of the currently fashionable multiverse mania that take an unusual angle on the subject, raising the question of the “morality” of the subject."
  • kottke: 1950s version of The Empire Strikes Back. "Ivan Guerrero remakes recent-ish movie trailers using footage from old movies... for instance, imagine if The Empire Strikes Back came out in 1950."
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